Jamie E. Wright, where Attorney Meets Mom

By Adriane Schwartz

on Mon Mar 15 2021

Jamie E. Wright is of the most highly sought after millennial lawyers, crisis communicators, and newer political pundits out of Los Angeles, CA. As founder of the top-rated employment 
Wright Law Firm, she has made a name for herself in legal and business circles as an expert in managing multi-dimensional clients with keen insight on the law and forward-thinking flare. She is a proud mother and brilliant mind backed by education who speaks beyond typical conversation when it comes to fringe legal, employment, race, politics, trending news and pop culture issues. 
Best known as “America’s Liability Expert” or otherwise as “mom,” to a very special 1 year old boy named BJ, how has your career helped you tackle motherhood? 
My career has taught how to keep a schedule and manage difficult situations in motherhood. To begin, once you have a baby your priorities shift. Period. It’s no longer just about you. You now have a small person who is completely relying on you to feed, them, bathe them and tuck them into bed. Additionally, kids have play dates and doctors appointments. So my career as an attorney taught me to schedule my life to accommodate the needs of my son. Secondly, I have become a smooth operator when it comes to tough situations. My 1 year old has tantrums sometimes and he doesn’t feel well sometimes, too. And of course he cannot communicate as what is bothering him or what he needs at that time. As a first time mom it can be scary trying to learn your babies language. But being a lawyer has taught resiliency, in that I have learned to remain calm and work through the complexities of raising a tiny human. While it’s hard work — it’s profoundly rewarding.